Re: Math IG comments on CDF Last call documents


Am I correct to assume that was a personal response, not the official
CDF  WG response to the last call comment?

> This is entirely delegated to CSS which defines exactly what should happen  
> for replaced elements. 

It is entirely within the remit of the CDF group to specify how the
compound document, once assembled by reference, is exposed to CSS (or
anything else).  Plugins for netscape 4 era browsers designed to support
compound documents have API calls to expose the natural height depth and
width of the fragment, so allowing the size to be set (typically in that
era, by just document.write-ing a modified object or embed tag). At the
very least, anything aiming to be a "compound document framework" must
standardise the essential feature of setting the size. Even so having to
make explicit calls in script to modify the object tag is of course
rather a poor version of CDF support compared with the rather more
natural, automatic resizing on elements from "foreign" namespaces as has
been available in IE since 5.5 and mozilla since 0.9.something (that is
for years), so given that this is 2006 not 1996, one would have hoped
for rather more than a set of calls to allow size determination. To have
not _even_ that is rather shocking, to be honest.

If the intention is to develop a framework for making very simple
documents on very constrained devices, then fine, there is nothing wrong
with that, but don't call it a "compound document framework" as the
suggestion that a system which implements just the features suggested by
this framework is capable of rendering a compound document of any
complexity is completely misleading.

> I suggest the Math IG raises its issues with the  CSS WG instead 

The interaction of Math and CSS has been on the agenda for CSS and Math
for some time, and if there are issues that would need CSS WG input then
clearly we could take those up with the CSS group, but the present
issues are with CDF rather than with CSS.

This is a personal response, not to be confused with the last call
comment which came from the Math Interest Group.

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