[WICD Core 1.0] Section 5.1

Sorry I believe I am one day late in my comments.  I hope they will
still be considered.

Section 5.1:

I have several questions/issues with the second example.  In this
example, 2 SVG documents are being included with a requested
width="100%".  a) Is it even possible to include two SVG documents in
the same containing box?  How?  Especially since you earlier state
that an element can only reference one child document.  What would
this mean for the DOM interface ReferencingElement which would somehow
have to refer to 2 child documents? b) 5.2 talks about Leftover
Margins, yet your diagram for this example violates that (the two
documents are not centered horizontally) - what would be the behavior
with multiple documents included anyway?  c) What would be the
behavior in this particular example if the 2 SVG documents are much
taller than they are wide?  In other words, if scaling the width of
the documents to 100% would breach the containing box, would the
behavior be to scale the SVG documents by their height such that they
fit in the containing box (even though requested width was 100%) or
would there be an overflow?

Jeff Schiller

Received on Monday, 30 January 2006 18:54:30 UTC