RE: CDR: Event-related markup

On Tue, 31 Jan 2006, Jon Ferraiolo wrote:
> It looks as if the Mozilla XBL2 spec has something similar to 
> sxbl:handerGroup with xbl2:handlers, but Mozilla XBL2 also defines its 
> own xbl2:handler element. My guess is that Ian&friends recognized that 
> it makes sense to have a handler element that is different than 
> html:script and that it is easier to add a handler element to the XBL2 
> spec (and sell XBL2 to the W3C) than the more general-purpose approaches 
> of adding a handler element to XHTML or adding a handler element to XML 
> Events (and thereby making XML Events a prerequisite for XBL2).

Actually XBL2 here is merely keeping XBL1's <handlers> and <handler> 
elements -- no elements were added. The reason is that it's easier for 
authors. There was no thought put to using elements from other namespaces 
because that would have made it harder for authors, and there was no 
thought put to making it more palatable for the W3C -- authors are all 
that really matters here.

Using XML Events here would _definitely_ not have made sense because XML 
Events is so woefully underdefined as to be essentially useless.

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