RE: CDR: pointer event description vs. z-order


> I'd also note that this doesn't resolve any differences in the way SVG
> and HTML+CSS define paint order (particularly with whether
> 'visibility:hidden' elements receive events).

Does the CDF working group plan to tackle this issue in any of the  



I think that processing model issues around paint order and event
targeting are language-specific. I don't see a need to unify HTML+CSS
and SVG in this area. For the SVG viewport, look to the SVG spec for how
to deal with paint order and event targeting. For the areas outside of
the SVG viewport, look to the CSS spec. The only conflict is when there
is a CSS region that has a higher z-index that the html:object tag that
references some SVG content (or inline SVG instead of the html:object),
but I think in that case it is fairly obvious that the CSS region with
the higher z-index would be above the SVG content.


Received on Tuesday, 31 January 2006 03:39:27 UTC