Re: CDR user agent conformance; DOM shouldn't be mandatory

On Jan 23, 2006, at 9:03 AM, Mark Baker wrote:

> For the reasons given in [1] (member-only link), I'd like to see the
> user agent conformance section relax the requirement on user agents to
> implement the DOM.  I'm happy to see something saying "If the DOM is
> exposed, then it MUST at least implement Level 3 etc.." though.
> In addition to the reasons in [1], the document already says things
> like this, suggesting that mandatory support isn't required;
> "Compound document profiles which leverage the Compound Document
> Framework and **which support scripting** must have scripting
> interfaces that are compatible with the DOM Level 3 Core
> Specification."
>  -- sec 2.1 (emphasis mine)
> "User agents, which support a DOM, must provide access to child  
> documents."
>  -- sec 2.1.3

Would the CDR spec then make any requirements whatsoever of a user  
agent? Everything it has that even resembles a requirement on a user  
agent depends on the UA having a DOM. The only sections that could  
even possibly apply to non-DOM UAs (2.3, 2.4) are marke "This section  
is informative." Of course, as written, the spec already makes no  
substantive requirements of UAs or anything else, but that has at  
least some hope of being fixed.


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