Re: [SVGMobile12] A.7.19 parseXML

Quoting Jonathan Watt <>:
> in section A.7.19. There are many issues with this function.
> 1) There is no means to specify the MIME type the string should be parsed as.
> Mozilla decides on the type of document object to create depending on 
> the MIME type served with markup. (I understand the same has to be 
> true for Safari if the content has no DOCTYPE declaration, which will 
> be the case for SVG 1.2.) Although I don't know this part of 
> Mozilla/Safari's code, I'm told that rearchitecting would be a *huge* 
> and messy task and the owners of this code aren't even sure if the 
> end result is desirable. If waiting until you've parsed the root 
> element is too late to create it's ownerDocument, I think the burden 
> would be better placed on content authors to change parseXML in their 
> code to a better spec'ed parsing function. That is if they want a 
> built-in parseXML any time in the next three years or more.

This has been discussed before. Not related to parseXML though. The CDF 
WG will
probably release a document (CDI Framework, most likely) stating that the
Document object MUST implement all specific Document interfaces such as
HTMLDocument, SVGDocument for every document. I guess that would solve this
problem. For now it seems best to just use XMLDocument...

Anne van Kesteren

Received on Friday, 27 January 2006 17:40:02 UTC