[WICD Core 1.0] 6.3.1 Focus Navigation

Sorry I believe I am one day late in my comments.  I hope they will
still be considered.

I had several questions on Section 6.3.1:

1) 6.3.1 - How do you determine the starting focus point (would it be
the upper-left of Rejoice or the center)?  Why is the starting point
at the bottom-left corner of the "R"?

2) 6.3.1 - In phase 1, "At first, focusable objects are searched from
the direction of navigation.".  Please describe this search.  Is it a
binary space search (i.e. if moving in +ve y-direction, is it EVERY
focusable element that has any portion of itself with a y-coordinate
greater than or equal to the y-coordinate of the current focus point)?

3) 6.3.1 - All focusable entities in your example seem to be
symmetrical, are you considering arbitrarily shaped entities like many
"skinned" applications provide these days?   What about "nested"

4) 6.3.1 - does navigating the "focus point" put the focus point
somewhere in the center of the entity or does it stop at the edge? 
Consider elements that are not necessarily symmetrical...

5) 6.3.1 - Consider http://www.codedread.com/images/gui.png.  For the
example on the left, what about when there are two candidates that are
equal in terms of distance function?  Which lower block does the UA
choose?  Does it matter?  For the example on the right, if you start
at one of the corner buttons, how do you ever navigate to the middle
ring or smaller square?  Is 8-way navigation required?  NOTE that I
don't necessarily expect you to solve all issues caused by
inaccessible GUIs like those two examples, just want to ensure you are
thinking of them.

Jeff Schiller

Received on Monday, 30 January 2006 18:59:06 UTC