CDR: referencingElement name

Ian Hickson mentioned in another comment that referencingElement was  
a bad idea since it requires a new kind of security check that user  
agents do not currently do. This isn't quite right, though; the de  
facto standard Window object has a frameElement property which gives  
the referencing element. So I don't think his objection should stand;  
however, the spec may wish to consider using this same name on the  
Document object as well. "frameElement" isn't really the best name,  
but it does have the advantage of matching existing practice. And  
"referencingElement" isn't the world's clearest name either (for  
instance, it certainly shouldn't give you the element of a hyperlink  
that referenced the document now being displayed - that's kind of  
unclear from the name.

Received on Tuesday, 31 January 2006 06:00:11 UTC