Re: CDR: Event-related markup

* Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
>They have indeed declared their intent to remove incompatible  
>extentions. But I do not expect them to remove the <handler> element,  
>since without it, the provided XML Events support is useless (unless  
>they remove XML Events entirely, which I've also proposed). The last  
>released draft also has some partial specifications of how <handler>  
>elements (and standard XML Events elements) are equivalent to DOM  
>Events calls, but these do not cover all cases.

Note that some XML Events implementations allow all sorts of "handlers",
Opera for example supports the <script> element as handler in XHTML
documents, XHTML+Voice 1.2 uses vxml:form elements as handlers, and
XForms does similar things if I remember correctly.

>Does your message mean that you will coordinate with both the XML  
>Events and SVG working groups on this? I couldn't tell. It sounded  
>like you may have been saying that no coordination with SVG is  
>necessary but I do not think that is the case. Please clarify and I  
>will let you know if this resolves my concern.

Note that there is no XML Events Working Group. The HTML Working Group
was chartered to maintain XML Events, but the charter expired long ago
in 2004 as you can read on so there
wasn't and isn't any maintenance of the Recommendation. Which is quite
a problem, I recently implemented XML Events plus the modifications
defined in SVG Tiny 1.2 and most of it did not make much sense at all,
XML Events alone even less.
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