CDF comments


Please find comments below for CDF last call working drafts. My sincere
apologies for being late. I was supposed to send these on Friday last
week behalf of Lasse Pajunen (, who does not
have email access at the moment. However, due to family reasons I was
unable to do so. While the working group is not obligated to consider
these comments, I hope you will nevertheless be kind enough to do so.

Best Regards,

     Oskari Koskimies

WICD Core: Still-Image Rendering

By the same reasoning, a "render" parameter should also be supported for
animated GIFs, Applets, Flash images etc. I think this feature should be

WICD Core:

6.2. Focus Event triggered Child Element Animations

Rather than providing support for one single use case (animated links),
a more general method should be provided. Or the feature could be
dropped, because this can be done easily with scripting already.

WICD Core:

9.2 and 9.2.1 Timeline initilization nd interaction with the "render"

Does this also cover other animated content such as GIF, Flash, etc.? It
is questionable if this is CDF issue or if it should be handled by some
other group like SYMM or SVG.

A general comment on params: Personaly I do not like the use of params,
because they can only be used with object tag, but not with any other
refencing tags like img, frame etc. So I would like to get rid of all
features that use param (still image rendering and focus based

WICD Mobile Profile:

3.2.1 Keyboard Event Naming AND
3.3 Intended Layout 

This text should be moved to WICD Core.

Extended subsets are an obstacle to compatibility. So WICD Mobile should
only subset WICD, not propose anything new. Even if the extensions are
only informative, they should not go there.

Received on Monday, 30 January 2006 07:31:25 UTC