Re: CDR: Event-related markup

* Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
>> Note that there is no XML Events Working Group. The HTML Working Group
>> was chartered to maintain XML Events, but the charter expired long ago
>> in 2004 as you can read on so there
>> wasn't and isn't any maintenance of the Recommendation. Which is quite
>> a problem, I recently implemented XML Events plus the modifications
>> defined in SVG Tiny 1.2 and most of it did not make much sense at all,
>> XML Events alone even less.
>In that case it seems like a major problem for any other spec to  
>depend on XML Events.

Yes, I'm very worried about the SVG Working Group's decision to somehow
adopt vanilla XML Events, just like I was and still am worried about the new
similar but different <handler> elements, XHTML 2.0 has one, XBL2 has
another, sXBL has its own, then SVG 1.2 joins the club, and so on. It's
a pity but it seems it's less work to reinvent this for each format
rather than to invent it just once.
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