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Fwd: [url] follow-ups from the TPAC F2F Meeting Sam Ruby (Thursday, 30 October)

[ISSUE-57] Drawback to Parallel Properties Sean B. Palmer (Wednesday, 29 October)

! Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 29 October)

Task Force Model Brian Kardell (Monday, 27 October)

European court rules video embedding does not infringe copyright Noah Mendelsohn (Monday, 27 October)

Progressing Packaging on the Web Specification Jeni Tennison (Monday, 27 October)

[EME] HTTPS performance experiments for large scale content distribution Mark Watson (Friday, 24 October)

Reminder: TPAC action items for spec reviews Mark Nottingham (Thursday, 23 October)

FYI: govt. plans to tax internet traffic Melvin Carvalho (Wednesday, 22 October)

Presentation: Why Polyfilling CSS Is Hard - followup to Extensible Web Summit - Berlin Julian Viereck (Thursday, 16 October)

Comments on the EME opinion Henri Sivonen (Thursday, 16 October)

SVG new proposed charter Daniel Appelquist (Wednesday, 15 October)

Draft TAG finding on EME Paul Cotton (Tuesday, 14 October)

Minor updates applied to [URL] reference proposal Sam Ruby (Saturday, 11 October)

Belated comment on capability URLs Jonathan A Rees (Friday, 10 October)

Re: capability urls Jon Slenk (Friday, 10 October)

Call Reminder for Today Daniel Appelquist (Thursday, 9 October)

FYI: Draft [URL] reference update to informative text Yves Lafon (Wednesday, 8 October)

Draft Edited F2F Minutes are Up Daniel Appelquist (Monday, 6 October)

RE: Comments on the new EME opinion Domenic Denicola (Friday, 3 October)

Re: Rough draft of Async API blog post ready for review Mounir Lamouri (Wednesday, 1 October)

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