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[css-color] some changes Rik Cabanier (Friday, 30 September)

CSS Accessibility Task Force commissioned Michael Cooper (Friday, 30 September)

[motion-1] !important: motion-* rename Shane Stephens (Friday, 30 September)

testing user-select Florian Rivoal (Thursday, 29 September)

[css-device-adapt] add warning to user-scalable=no / user-zoom / etc relating to accessibility/usability? Patrick H. Lauke (Wednesday, 28 September)

[css3-selectors]: Proposal: Adop the ::wrap pseudo element Ian Yang (Wednesday, 28 September)

[css-transforms] Handling combined opacity and preserve-3d /#!/JoePea (Tuesday, 27 September)

[css-variables] Nicolas Duclos (Tuesday, 20 September)

[css-grid] Question regarding the layering of elements assigned to the same grid-area Michael Cohen (Thursday, 15 September)

PROPOSED RESOLUTION: merge csswg-test into web-platform-tests Geoffrey Sneddon (Tuesday, 27 September)

CSS fetch integration Jonathan Kingston (Tuesday, 27 September)

Re: [css-overflow][css-scroll-snap][css-position] position: fixed and paging fantasai (Monday, 26 September)

Re: [css-scroll-snap] Rename keywords 'proximity' and 'mandatory' fantasai (Monday, 26 September)

[cssom-view] Additions to the scrolling API Marky Mark (Sunday, 25 September)

Re: Hanging Punctuation Questions fantasai (Saturday, 24 September)

[css-text] Agenda+ Open Issues fantasai (Saturday, 24 September)

Re: [css-text] Enclosed alphanumerics and text-align:capitalize fantasai (Saturday, 24 September)

[css-display] box-suppres use cases Mario Ruiz (Thursday, 22 September)

HDR slides was: Discuss HDR at CSS WG next week ? Pierre-Anthony Lemieux (Wednesday, 21 September)

Re: [css-selectors] :focus and :checked Simon Pieters (Tuesday, 20 September)

[css-display] CSS Display Open Issues Summary fantasai (Monday, 19 September)

[css-display] CSS Display Review fantasai (Monday, 19 September)

[css3-selectors]: Proposal: Reverse Descendant selector Axel Dahmen (Monday, 19 September)

Re: [css-backgrounds][css-om] Move color to the beginning of <final-bg-layer> on serialization fantasai (Monday, 19 September)

Re: [css-backgrounds] Spec. is missing images fantasai (Monday, 19 September)

Re: [css-backgrounds] Clarification proposal for border colors fantasai (Monday, 19 September)

CSS Testsuite Status Geoffrey Sneddon (Sunday, 18 September)

Styling broken images Henrik Andersson (Friday, 16 September)

[css-sizing] size parameter and aspect-ratio Jonathan Kingston (Thursday, 15 September)

Re: [css-step-sizing] Feedback on Proposal Koji Ishii (Thursday, 15 September)

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2016-09-14 [css-text] [css-align] [css2] [css-syntax] [css-inline] Dael Jackson (Thursday, 15 September)

Discuss HDR at CSS WG next week ? Mark Watson (Wednesday, 14 September)

[csswg] Agenda conf call 14-Sep-2016 Rossen Atanassov (Wednesday, 14 September)

[css-tables-3] Overconstrained fixed table layout: tests and questions Gérard Talbot (Tuesday, 13 September)

[css22] History Jens Oliver Meiert (Tuesday, 13 September)

Proposal: make css clip and clip-path respect containing block Chris Harrelson (Friday, 9 September)

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2016-09-07 [css-round-display][motion-path][css-scroll-snap][css-grid][css21][css-flexbox][css-align][css-contain-1] Dael Jackson (Thursday, 8 September)

CSS TPAC Agenda+ (Was: [mediaqueries] CSS "prefers-" media features (from TPAC [2014] discussion)) James Craig (Wednesday, 7 September)

[csswg] Agenda conf call 7-Sep-2016 Alan Stearns (Wednesday, 7 September)

[css-grid] align/justify-self stretch oliver williams (Tuesday, 6 September)

Re: [selectors4] feedback G. A. Light U1365222 (Thursday, 1 September)

[css-tables] Editorial: General Comments fantasai (Monday, 5 September)

[css-align] Block-axis Baselines [css-flexbox][css-tables][css-grid] fantasai (Monday, 5 September)

Re: [visualViewport]: Proposal and RFC Florian Rivoal (Monday, 5 September)

Re: [CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2016-08-17 [css-align] [css-grid] [css-flexbox] [css-scroll-snap] [css-tables] Mats Palmgren (Saturday, 3 September)

CSS22 don't understand box model pierre lafitte (Thursday, 1 September)

Re: [css-fonts] Font family selection Liam R. E. Quin (Thursday, 1 September)

[CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2016-08-31 [css-align][css-tables][css-flex][css-values][cssom-view][mediaqueries] Dael Jackson (Thursday, 1 September)

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