Re: [css3-selectors]: Proposal: Adop the ::wrap pseudo element

fantasai <>:
> While I totally agree with you on this, I believe this is a bug in HTML and not
> in CSS. The wrapper element is useful for much more than just styling: it allows
> anchors to target the term-definition set, and JS to operate on it as a single
> element.
> (Also from a practical point of view, I get the impression from implementers that
> it is much easier to implement parsing of a new HTML element than to implement a
> new CSS pseudo-class that warps the element tree, so if one of your motivations
> for trying to solve the problem in CSS instead of HTML is speed-to-market...
> you're targetting the wrong place. ;)

You’d need to convince Hixie et al., though.


This FAQ says:

> This is a styling problem and should be fixed in CSS. There's no reason to add a grouping element to HTML, as the semantics are already unambiguous.

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