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(no subject) light2@joung.im.ntu.edu.tw (Thursday, 27 March)

[Re] Amaya & HTML & SGML & Thot Alexandre Mutel (Tuesday, 25 March)

selecting menu item causes seg error on linux-pmac TA Newman (Sunday, 23 March)

A few observations Sami Lempinen (Sunday, 23 March)

Macintosh? Robert Futrelle (Saturday, 22 March)

Re: amaya installation Daniel Veillard (Tuesday, 18 March)

WWW-Amaya: Amaya 0.95b Linux-ELF Jean Luc BIENFAIT (Tuesday, 18 March)

Re: HTTP1.1 Henrik Frystyk Nielsen (Wednesday, 12 March)

[Announce] Amaya and Thot available on Digital Unix Daniel Veillard (Tuesday, 11 March)

Re: amaya' geometry Irene VATTON (Friday, 7 March)

Announce port of amaya to Digital Unix Angel Li (Thursday, 6 March)

More on Amaya exposure problem ... Bob Friesenhahn (Thursday, 6 March)

Re : Amaya 0.95b Linux-ELF, 15 and 32 bits/pixel patch available Daniel Veillard (Wednesday, 5 March)

Amaya exposure problem ... Bob Friesenhahn (Wednesday, 5 March)

Amaya 0.95b Linux-ELF Phil Howard (Wednesday, 5 March)

Bigger Fonts How?? poohbear (Friday, 31 January)

DIY Public Events Database poohbear (Friday, 31 January)

(no subject) Alan Powell (Monday, 3 March)

Please?!? Use IBM's Open32 subset for the Windows version Stone (Sunday, 2 March)

Finding THOTDIR Maciej Stachowiak (Saturday, 1 March)

archive help Ralf Kraudelt (Friday, 28 February)

Problems with style and justify Marco Bodrato (Thursday, 27 February)

Problems with style and jusify Marco Bodrato (Thursday, 27 February)

Amaya & HTML & SGML & Thot Sami Lempinen (Thursday, 27 February)

Table Sizing Bug Dominic Amann (Tuesday, 25 February)

(no subject) Alexander G. Burchell (Sunday, 23 February)

(no subject) Ramzi GUETARI (Friday, 21 February)

&{ and Postscript errors Bert Bos (Friday, 21 February)

SPAN problem Tom Hughes (Friday, 21 February)

amaya.95b binary for Linux ELF John Hasler (Thursday, 20 February)

Pasting into Amaya Toivo Pedaste (Tuesday, 18 February)

<P> Tag in Table Ulrich Eckhardt (Monday, 17 February)

Cache and other things Jimen Ching (Sunday, 16 February)

Suggestions for better rendering Jamie Blustein (Sunday, 16 February)

Linux-ELF FORM trouble Jamie Blustein (Sunday, 16 February)

text-align: value not saved Frank Lippert (Thursday, 13 February)

Re: amaya, transparent indexed-color PNGs Chris Lilley (Wednesday, 12 February)

Mailing-List policy Daniel.Veillard@imag.fr (Wednesday, 12 February)

segmentation fault Gerard GACHELIN (Wednesday, 12 February)

Porting Amaya 0.95b Tom Hughes (Wednesday, 12 February)

Amaya and 32 bit color root (Wednesday, 12 February)

Validation problems Sami Lempinen (Wednesday, 12 February)

ANNOUNCE: Public availability of Amaya source code jose.kahan@w3.org (Tuesday, 11 February)

German umlauts with amaya 0.9a Ulrich Eckhardt (Monday, 3 February)

Re: Help needed Daniel Veillard (Sunday, 2 February)

Building amaya on solaris 2.5 Arnaud Le Hors (Friday, 31 January)

Using Amaya with Apache and other problems Gordon Irlam (Friday, 17 January)

old MATH tag Scott Nelson (Friday, 10 January)

Problem of coherence loading-saving. Marco Bodrato (Tuesday, 7 January)

Extensibility in the amaya browser John Arley Burns (Monday, 6 January)

[POLL] Is Linux a.out distribution needed anymore ? Daniel.Veillard@imag.fr (Monday, 6 January)

? amaya-0.9a Linux-ELF bug Marc Zuckman (Monday, 6 January)

Re: Amaya v0.9 Alpha John McNulty (Monday, 6 January)

Page caching? John McNulty (Monday, 6 January)

Specifying geometry size? John McNulty (Monday, 6 January)

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