Re: Building amaya on solaris 2.5

> >One other comment: the lack of edit/browse mode makes it difficult to
> >use amaya
> >as a simple browser since I can modify by mistake the document I'm
> >browsing. Could we have an option to make editing inactive ?
>   I don't think it's very complicated, is it a priority ? 

Well, I guess not really, but on the other hand if the ratio
benefit/time is high it might still be worth it.

> Thank you for your comments, I will modify the Makefile.orig of solaris2
> Target to point to the openwin and dt directories for includes and
> libraries. It's more standard than the paths we are using for development. 

Excellent. This was basically the intent of my report.
Thanks for the prompt answer too.
Arnaud Le Hors - W3C Technical Staff -

Received on Friday, 31 January 1997 19:16:20 UTC