Re : Amaya 0.95b Linux-ELF, 15 and 32 bits/pixel patch available

>and the display does not show a document.  Yes, indeed, my X windows
>and video board are in a 32-bit color video mode.  So I assume that
>color depth isn't coded in, yet.

  could you try to replace your binary with the patched one :

Fetch it, gunzip it, rename it to Thot/bin/amaya, and chmod +x it ...
I hope this correct the problem for those with 32 bits and 15 bits 
displays ...

>Switching X to 8 bit video mode gives better results in that the
>documents get displayed.  These (32 and 8) are the only video mode
>color depths I have pre-configured.  Should it work in 16-bit or
>24-bit modes?  I can set up for that if it would be expected to

 It had been tested on 1, 8, 16 and 24 bit displays. We expect the patched
version to add 15 and 32 bits support.

>The -geometry option on the command line is not obeyed to set the
>window size or position on startup.

 Right, but which window ? You can setup the size of each HTML document
view in Thot/amaya/HTML.conf

>Entering a host name only is not recognized and converted to URL.
>Tables  have a lot of work to be done.  See the URL:

  Agreed !


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Received on Wednesday, 5 March 1997 16:09:35 UTC