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> Irene VATTON ( wrote:
> >Amaya document definitions from the HTML DTD is done manually.
> >During this phase, some elements and attributes are added to allow >Amaya to 
> >edit
> >documents. The HTML DTD doesn't take in account the editing needs.
>             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Could you elaborate? I can assure you that the designers of
> the HTML DTD have made every effort to accomodate the
> needs of editing tools.
> If there is some reason why the HTML DTD doesn't fit into
> the Amaya architecture, we should fix that -- either by
> changing the HTML DTD or by changing Amaya.
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Hi Dan,

Effectively, we need to introduce new elements and new attributes specifically 
for editing.
Just some examples:
- element "Invalid_element" to support any invalid element found in HTML 
- attribute "Invalid_attribute" to support any invalid attribute found in HTML 
- element "Radio_Input", "Checkbox_Input", "Text_Input", etc. to distinguish 
typed input elements
  which have different behaviors.
- attribute "DefaultChecked" to distinguish the checked value given by the 
document author and the
  current user.

I'm not sure that it's a good idea to extend the HTML dtd with all these 
elements and attributes.

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