Re: Problem of coherence loading-saving.

>I loaded this document with amaya (Linux ELF format)
>BODY {font-family : times, serif}
>PRE {margin-left : 5%; font-family :courier, monospaced}
>PRE.Colorato {background: #CCFFFF;color: #BB0000}
>PRE.Colorato EM {color: #44BBBB}
>PRE.Colorato EM.Blu {color: #0000FF}
><TITLE>Questo &egrave; il titolo</TITLE>
><P>Questa &egrave; una prova!<BR>Questa &egrave; la seconda riga.</P>
><PRE class=3D"Colorato">Questo testo &egrave; &quot;<EM>preformattato</EM>&=
>And here is how amaya saved it
>BODY { font-family : times }
>PRE { font-family : courrier }
>EM PRE.Colorato { color : #00B2B2 }
>PRE.Colorato { background : #C1FFFF }
>Blu { color : #0000FF }
><TITLE>Questo =E8 il titolo</TITLE>
><P>Questa =E8 una prova!^@Questa =E8 la seconda riga.</P>
><PRE class=3DColorato>Questo testo =E8 "<EM>preformattato</EM>"</PRE>
>loosing the &-codes, the <BR> and lot of indication in styles...

  Concerning the Style element saving, the current method used is to
generate the output styles from the internal presentation rules used
to render the CSS internally. This design was primarily choosen for
two reasons :

   - It insures that what you save is precisely what's you see during
     the process of designing a Web page with CSS in Amaya.
   - It's far easier to implement since one doesn't have to keep in
     sync an external textual representation and an internal one.

  But there is a lot of drawback, since Amaya CSS saving process loose
any information wich is not stored in the internal form :

   - comments
   - multi-choice enumerations, e.g. font-family : a, b
   - color names, font names ...
   - Any CSS command not handled by the CSS implementation.

  I admit that this has to be changed ASAP, especially since CSS are
more and more deployed and that the Amaya implementation is not fully
CSS1 compliant.

  In the meantime it's possible to use an external CSS referenced through
the LINK element to not break the CSS rules when saving the page content.

  Concerning the saving of non-ascii characters, we are tracking the bug,
this will be fixed in next release ... Could you send us the precise version
you are using (0.9c ?), we will try to send a patch if possible.


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Received on Wednesday, 8 January 1997 10:32:23 UTC