Re: Porting Amaya 0.95b

>>  BTW on which platform are you porting ?
>Unixware 2.

  Tom, once your porting is done, could you send us the specific
stuff :
  - name of the Platform e.g. UNIXWARE2
  - the patched version of batch/MachineType script
    printing the string UNIXWARE2 on your machine
  - the UNIXWARE2/config.h and UNIXWARE2/libwww.a generated by
1/  make libwww
  - the graphic libraries UNIXWARE2/libjpeg.a UNIXWARE2/libpng.a
    and UNIXWARE2/libz.a 
    generated by
2/  make libjpeg libpng libz
I forgot to mention the steps 1/ and 2/ in the previous mail



Received on Wednesday, 12 February 1997 12:18:04 UTC