&{ and Postscript errors

Three bugs:

1. Amaya tries to interpret "&" followed by a non-letter as an
entity. Nothing bad happens, but a warning is printed on the console.
According to SGML, an "&" is only part of an entity if followed by a

2. The Postscript output is not correct EPS, at least some Postscript
tools have problems with it. I tried to use "psnup" to print two pages
on a single side, but it moved the %%Trailer part of the file before
the first page, which caused the "EndThot" function to be executed,
which caused all dictionaries to be closed, which in turn caused all
definitions of fonts, etc. to be lost. Simply removing the "EndThot"
fixed that problem.

3. Another Postscript problem is that the first page in the Postscript
file starts with the comment "%%%%Page", instead of "%%Page", which
caused "psnup" to skip that page.

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Received on Friday, 21 February 1997 18:02:18 UTC