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At 07:31 PM 3/12/97 +0900, Akihiro Sakurai wrote:
>Hello Nielsen,
>How do you do. This is Akihiro Sakurai of Sumitomo Electric Ind. in Japan.
>I have read "Network Performance Effects of HTTP/1.1, CSS1, and PNG".
>I have a question about HTTP1.1. If possible, please let me know the answer.
>My question is how to configure the pipeline mode between Amaya WWW client
>and Apache 1.2b7 WWW server. We download both codes and testing it. But no
>pipeline sequence between client and server.

The libwww 5.1 was released to W3C members February 18 demonstrating the
features described in the paper above. This code will be publicly available
March 18 according to normal W3C distribution rules.

The pipelining code can be demonstrated using any of the libwww example
apps: the libwww robot, command line tool, and the line mode browser but
you get the best results using the robot because it issues far more
requests than any of the others.

Amaya does not yet support HTTP/1.1 pipelining but I believe that it is on
the to-do list. I do not know when and how this will be available.


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