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Re: <P> Tag in Table

From: Vincent QUINT <Vincent.Quint@imag.fr>
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 1997 19:17:10 +0100
Message-Id: <199702221817.TAA05507@lifou.inrialpes.fr>
cc: www-amaya@w3.org
Ulrich Eckhardt <uli@rgw-express.de> wrote:

> when Amaya 0.95 generates tables, it put a <P> Tag inside the
> <TD> tags even if it's only one line of text. Is there
> a possibility to switch this off, because the tables with
> <P>-tags have an empty line, when viewing with netscape.

The reason why Netscape generates an empty line when starting a
paragraph in a table cell is not clear to me.
If you have downloaded the source code of Amaya, you can prevent it
from generating this <P> tag.
Update file HTMLT.T in directory amaya and recompiling it:

  line 309, replace

     Paragraph: BEGIN
        if not firstwithin List_Item and not firstwithin Definition


     Paragraph: BEGIN
        if not firstwithin List_Item    and not firstwithin Definition   and
           not firstwithin Heading_cell and not firstwithin Data_cell

  and recompile that file, simply by typing (when in directory amaya):


Next time you will save a table with Amaya, the first paragraph in a table
cell will not start with a <P> tag (you don't even need to restart amaya).

> And i noticed that the <TD> haven't got an ending </TD> - tag.
> Is this correct ?

Yes, it's correct. The closing tag for elements td and th are optional.
See the HTML 3.2 DTD:

    <!ELEMENT (th|td) - O %body.content>

If you want closing tags for these elements, you can ask amaya to generate
them by updating the same file and recompiling it.


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