Linux-ELF FORM trouble

    I'm using the pre-cpoompiled Linux-ELF version.  When I open the
document at <URL:> I notice two
problems.  I looked through the messages at <URL:
amaya/messages/> and did not see these bugs reported.  Please tell me if I
missed earlier reports.
    The document dynamically generates a form.  The automatically generated
document is valid strict 2.0.  The buttons on FORM show as icons and cannot
be used.  The structure_view has overprinting in many places.  I think it
is only where there are buttons for the FORM.  The first such overprinted
code corresponds to the following HTML fragment:
<input TYPE=RADIO  NAME=B  VALUE=n  checked
> No entries
> Selected entries
> All entries
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Received on Sunday, 16 February 1997 02:48:00 UTC