Re: Suggestions for better rendering

>     I'd be very gratified if 
>       - there was at least an option of presenting DIR with many elements
>         on one line
>       - DL COMPACT was treated differently from DL
>       - MENU items should not be preceeded by bullets (as UL items are)
>     I think Amaya (and certain other browsers) would be more helpful if
> anchor TITLEs could be presented.

In Amaya, you may change the way some elements are presented by different

1 - Use CSS.
   You can specify rules in a separate style sheet or in the HEAD of
   some documents.
   Amaya allows you to specify your own style sheet in a file called
   .amaya.css in your home directory. All documents displayed by Amaya
   for you will then have the style specified in that file.
   *WARNING* In the current version of Amaya, the CSS implementation is
   not complete and some properties are ignored.

2 - Use the P language.
   The default style for HTML document is defined by the file HTMLP.P
   in directory amaya. You can edit that file and recompile it.
   You will find some information at:
   (see section 2.3)

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