Suggestions for better rendering

    I'd like to see some changes in the way Amaya (and Arena) renders some
markup.  I haven't said anything about Arena before because I understood
that project to be about trying new things and everything I have to suggest
was in the line_mode version 1.02.  It seems to me that Amaya is different.
All the same mine may still be a minority opinon.

    I'd be very gratified if 
      - there was at least an option of presenting DIR with many elements
        on one line
      - DL COMPACT was treated differently from DL
      - MENU items should not be preceeded by bullets (as UL items are)
    I think Amaya (and certain other browsers) would be more helpful if
anchor TITLEs could be presented.

    Just my two cents,
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Received on Sunday, 16 February 1997 02:57:46 UTC