Re: amaya.95b binary for Linux ELF

>The README refers to .95 Alpha.
>The top-level directory is "Thot", not "Amaya" as described in the README.
>The file "amayamain" is absent.

  Ok, outdated informations, sorry !

>Thot/LINUX-ELF/bin/amaya seg faults immediately.  Gdb tells me that the
>crash occurs in rectObjClassRec().
>My DISPLAY variable is correct.
>Running ldd on Thot/LINUX-ELF/bin/amaya gives:
> => /usr/X11R6/lib/
> => /usr/X11R6/lib/
> => /usr/X11R6/lib/
> => /usr/X11R6/lib/
> => /usr/X11R6/lib/
> => /lib/
> => /lib/

  Seems Ok, 

  Well, this is really strange, since hundreds of copies of this
exact package have been loaded and you're the first report of such
a hang, I would first check that your binary is not corrupted in
some way. Could you check the following:

~/tmp/Thot/LINUX-ELF/bin -> md5sum amaya 
5502d63a55f053ec2258efd073f12f2b  amaya
~/tmp/Thot/LINUX-ELF/bin -> sum amaya 
64498  2397
~/tmp/Thot/LINUX-ELF/bin -> sum -s amaya 
50614 4794 amaya
~/tmp/Thot/LINUX-ELF/bin -> 

- If they match try to start

strace -o amaya.trace amaya

and look at the end of the amaya.trace results whether a system call
failed some time before the program hangs.

- If not, check your archive:
/serveur/ftp/pub/binaries/amaya -> md5sum amaya-LINUX-ELF-0.95b.tar.gz
1a5ef86521f6e264f1a14e5c867514a1  amaya-LINUX-ELF-0.95b.tar.gz
/serveur/ftp/pub/binaries/amaya -> sum amaya-LINUX-ELF-0.95b.tar.gz
45285  1469
/serveur/ftp/pub/binaries/amaya -> sum -s amaya-LINUX-ELF-0.95b.tar.gz
33696 2937 amaya-LINUX-ELF-0.95b.tar.gz
/serveur/ftp/pub/binaries/amaya -> 

   hope this help,


Received on Friday, 21 February 1997 10:32:34 UTC