ANNOUNCE: Public availability of Amaya source code


On behalf of the World-Wide Web Consortium (W3C), it is our 
pleasure to announce the first public release of the source code 
of Amaya (0.95b).

Amaya is a Web client that acts both as a browser and as an
authoring tool. It has been designed with the primary purpose of
being a testbed for experimenting and demonstrating new 
specifications and extensions of Web protocols and standards.
Among its characteristics, we can mention:

	* WYSIWYG editing
	* Implementation of style sheets according to the CSS1 
        * Full implementation of HTML 3.2
	* Use of HTTP/1.1, as furnished by libwww
	* Remote publication of documents by means of the standard 
          HTTP PUT method, compatible with Jigsaw, Apache,
          and the CERN server

Note that W3C's aim is not to provide a full-blown browser. Public
contributions are welcomed to help us complete its features.

Useful links:

* Amaya's home page [1]
* How to download and build Amaya from sources [2]
* How to download and install binary precompiled distributions
  of Amaya for various Unix architectures [3]


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