DIY Public Events Database

Hello all,

I just installed amaya it seems to download faster than Netscape,
is that just my imagination...

My interest in amaya is to develop a web site application which allows
users to easily interact with the web site database to either create
home pages or, more important, update the underlying database with 
comments and graphics.  The application is to support a calender of 
of public events here in New York as well as an archive of names,
places, email addresses and other stuff associated with the events.

I have tons of experience in creating databases using perl and shell
and the file structures and I have maintained and actually written
global replicators to support some crazy global trading applications.

But my html is limited to a few interactive pages I did for a
documention project last summer - they worked pretty well but I forgot
how I did them.

My platform of choice is linux and my programming is limited to perl
since I am an admin.

Any suggestions, comments would be greatly appreciated.

John van Vlaanderen, aka

Received on Tuesday, 4 March 1997 02:47:45 UTC