Re: More on Amaya exposure problem ...

>I have now verified that Amaya does not experience the exposure problem with
>an amaya.css file containing
>BODY { magnification : 0 }
>but the problem occurs with
>BODY { magnification : 1 }
>or larger numbers.
>Once again, this is a condition where Amaya claims that it is finished but
>the page contents does not display.

  Ok, this is a bug, we are tracking it ...
This should not appear on Linux machines. On other platforms one should
avoid the bug by recompiling amaya after removing the pair of 
#ifdef linux
and the corresponding #endif from Thot/amaya/css.c in function
 ApplyFinalStyle around line 1550 ...


Received on Thursday, 6 March 1997 10:29:47 UTC