Using Amaya with Apache and other problems

Here are a few problems I have encountered with the 0.9a
Linux-elf binary release of Amaya.

1) Problems using Amaya with Apache.

   The HTTP/1.1 spec allows a server to close a Keep-Alive connection
   at any time.  Apache does this.  A keep alive connection is silently
   closed by Apache after 15 seconds of use.  Amaya doesn't seem to
   handle this, it attempts to do a subsequent write on the closed
   connection, fails to see the write failed and the connection is now
   closed, and then the next time it attempts a write on the connection
   Amaya dies with a SIGPIPE.  (I had to disable Keep-Alive in Apache
   to get Amaya to work).

2) Incorrect version number.

   The client claims to be "User-Agent: amaya/V0.8_Alpha"

3) No support for <br>.

   The <br> tag does not appear to be recognized.  This prevents
   the use of Amaya to edit many existing documents.

4) Amaya fails to recognize the 201 status code.

   The HTTP/1.1 spec requires the 201 status code be returned in
   response to a PUT that results in the creation (as opposed to
   simple modification) of a resource.  Amaya fails to recognize
   this, and erroneously reports an attempt to save a new file
   as having failed.

Despite these problems, I can report success at managing to get Amaya
and Apache working together.

Received on Friday, 17 January 1997 17:02:17 UTC