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Hi sami,

Thanks a lot for your comments.

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> When passing Amaya-generated code through SGML parsers or online HTML
> validators, I generally encounter two problems:
> 1) The SPAN element is unrecognised.
> Apparently the SPAN element is a feature of the CSS1 implementation.
> Do you know of a DTD which would support the SPAN element?

Yes, you're right. SPAN element is a feature of the CSS1 implementation. 
SPAN will be supported in new proposed HTML DTD: COUGAR / HTML 4.0.

> 2) Amaya fails to quote certain attributes.
> For example, when specifying a TD width relative to the width of the page,
> say, 30%, parsers start coughing as the per cent sign should be enclosed in
> quotes. Or is the relative markup allowed at all -- i.e. is it a Netscapism?

Yes, it's a bug. We fixed it in our version. If you want, I can send you the 
version of HTMLT.TRA file.

> Apart from these two observations, the documents seem to validate fine. And
> I cannot emphasise enough the otherwise excellent quality of the program.
> I use it for 99% of my HTML authoring needs these days. Only forms require
> be to fire up the old vi.

I know, the current version doesn't solve correctly the integration of 
in forms. We have still to work here.

> Thanks,
> Sami


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