Re: Problems with style and jusify

> 1)	If a document contains
> 	<STYLE> BODY.Lettera P {text-indent :5%}</STYLE>
> 	Amaya swap the declaration and saves
> 	<STYLE> P BODY.Lettera {text-indent :5%}</STYLE>
> 	Wich have no sense at all...

You are right. We will try to fix this bug in the next release.

> 2)	I write my documents in Italian and if I use
> 	STYLE="text-align:justify" it happends sometimes that Amaya breaks
> 	some word from a line to another, almost often in the wrong place.
> 	I think It uses rules for english... Since there is no way to
> 	declare the language of a text, I think word breaking should be
> 	avoided.

In this version, yes, it uses hyphenation rules for English. We expect
to have some aspects of the Cougar DTD in the next release, at least
the LANG attribute. This will allow you to control hyphenation, even to
mix several languages in the same document and to hyphenate each part
with the appropriate rules.

With the current version, you can switch hyphenation off by editing the
presentation schema and recompiling it. This is the only way, as CSS1
does not include a property to control hyphenation.

In file amaya/HTMLP.P, just delete line 3398:
       Hyphenate: Yes;
and recompile that file, simply by typing
when you are in the amaya directory.

Hope it helps,


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