Cache and other things

	I've just started using Amaya.  Mosaic has pretty much gone the
way of the dinosaur.  But I am having a few problems with Amaya.  I hope
this is the place to mail it.  Well, here goes.

1.  I thought that amaya uses the libwww5.0 library.  If this is true,
doesn't this library support persistant store cache?  When I run amaya, it
doesn't seem to be cache'ing anything.  When I double click to go to
another page, and press the array on the tool bar to return, the original
page is reloaded, as if it was the first time viewing that page.  All the
images are retransfered.  Note the other link did not purge the cache,
because it doesn't include any large images.  So is there a cache for
amaya?  It can't be used as much of a web viewer without one.

2.  Since amaya behaves like an editor, how does one use an image-map?  I
tried double clicking on the map, but nothing happens.  How do I follow a
link embedded inside a map?

3.  I noticed amaya doesn't have a history list.  Even word for windows
has a recently opened docs list.  Any good editor should have one.  Could
be useful for the viewer as well.

4.  I also noticed the arrow buttons on the tool bar behaves like a
circular list.  I don't think that is how it should be.  Maybe I'm just
using it wrong?  Which leads to number 5...

5.  Where can I get some docs on how to use amaya as a web viewer?  I
already checked out the documentation page on the amaya home-page.  It had
some basic commands, but nothing useful for heavy viewing usage.  I don't
need publishing instructions, just something to help me get the same
features out of amaya that other browsers have.

Any info you can send my way is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance...
Jimen Ching (WH6BRR)

Received on Sunday, 16 February 1997 06:45:38 UTC