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> Bonjour, 
> J'ai deja emis un mail a ce sujet , mais peut-etre que mon anglais n'est pas
> tres correct.
> Je cherche a changer la geometrie du browser amaya a son lancement ?
> Peux-t'on le faire par le fichier .thotrc , ligne geometry ?? 
> et quelle syntaxe doit-on mettre ?
> Merci d'avance pour le renseignement .
> Roger BREL (


Sorry, I don't remember or find your previous message.
The geometry in registry file .thotrc concerns only the Thot main window which 
doesn't exist
in Amaya.

To configure document windows, you have to adapt the geomery for each document 
type you are 
interested in ($DOCTYPE.conf).
For the application Amaya, the file is: Thot/amaya/HTML.conf

This file discribes geometry of all windows in all presentation schemas:
+ If you have a color screen, you have to adjust greometries in style HTMLP
+ If you have a black/white screen, you have to adjustgreometries in style 
Parameter order is: X, Y, Width and Heigth


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