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QT4 CG Meeting 005 Proposed Agenda 2022-10-04 Norm Tovey-Walsh (Friday, 30 September)

Functions with optional parameters Michael Kay (Thursday, 29 September)

Streamlining the approval of PRs Norm Tovey-Walsh (Thursday, 29 September)

Questions about the QT4 CG agenda for next week (4 October) Norm Tovey-Walsh (Thursday, 29 September)

xsl:function with optional parameters Michael Kay (Thursday, 29 September)

Statically known function signatures versus Named Functions Michael Kay (Wednesday, 28 September)

AW: QT4 CG Meeting 002 Minutes, 2022-09-13 Christian Grün (Wednesday, 28 September)

Action Item QT4CG-004-02: DN to make a proposal for deep-equal-safe for future discussion ( Re: Draft minutes for QT4CG meeting 004, 2022-09-27) Dimitre Novatchev (Wednesday, 28 September)

Proposals for variadic functions Reece Dunn (Tuesday, 27 September)

Variadiic functions Michael Kay (Tuesday, 27 September)

QT4 CG Meeting 004 Agenda 2022-09-27 Norm Tovey-Walsh (Sunday, 25 September)

Functions to be included in the list for discussion in our future weekly meetings Dimitre Novatchev (Sunday, 25 September)

Changes to fn:all and fn:some Norm Tovey-Walsh (Thursday, 22 September)

decoupling XSLT streaming recommendations from the main spec Mukul Gandhi (Wednesday, 21 September)

Web page improvements Norm Tovey-Walsh (Wednesday, 21 September)

Draft minutes for QT4CG meeting 003, 2022-09-20 Norm Tovey-Walsh (Tuesday, 20 September)

Agendas and minutes Norm Tovey-Walsh (Sunday, 18 September)

More infrastructure updates Norm Tovey-Walsh (Saturday, 17 September)

Fixed links on Norm Tovey-Walsh (Friday, 16 September)

QT4 CG Meeting Agenda, 2022-09-20 Norm Tovey-Walsh (Friday, 16 September)

Infrastructure updates to the QT4CG spec repository Norm Tovey-Walsh (Thursday, 15 September)

Labels created Norm Tovey-Walsh (Wednesday, 14 September)

Workflows deployed Norm Tovey-Walsh (Wednesday, 14 September)

Build and deploy changes Norm Tovey-Walsh (Wednesday, 14 September)

Editorial activities Michael Kay (Tuesday, 13 September)

QT4 CG Meeting Agenda, 2022-09-13 Norm Tovey-Walsh (Monday, 12 September)

GitHub ·qtspecs· Repository • Labels Christian Grün (Wednesday, 7 September)

XSLT 4.0 (QT4CG) Meeting Agenda, 2022-09-06 Norm Tovey-Walsh (Monday, 5 September)

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