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Action Item QT4CG-004-02: DN to make a proposal for deep-equal-safe for future discussion ( Re: Draft minutes for QT4CG meeting 004, 2022-09-27)

Agendas and minutes

AW: QT4 CG Meeting 002 Minutes, 2022-09-13

Build and deploy changes

Changes to fn:all and fn:some

decoupling XSLT streaming recommendations from the main spec

Draft minutes for QT4CG meeting 003, 2022-09-20

Draft minutes for QT4CG meeting 004, 2022-09-27

Editorial activities

Fixed links on

Functions to be included in the list for discussion in our future weekly meetings

Functions with optional parameters

GitHub ·qtspecs· Repository • Labels

Infrastructure updates to the QT4CG spec repository

Labels created

More infrastructure updates

Proposals for variadic functions

QT4 CG Meeting 002 Minutes, 2022-09-13

QT4 CG Meeting 004 Agenda 2022-09-27

QT4 CG Meeting 005 Proposed Agenda 2022-10-04

QT4 CG Meeting Agenda, 2022-09-13

QT4 CG Meeting Agenda, 2022-09-20

QT4 CG Meeting Minutes, 2022-09-06

QT4 CG signing commits

QT4CG “Charter and process” proposal

QT4CG-003-01: MK to find a way to specify fn:characters() more formally

QT4CG-003-02: MK to propose a reformulation of fn:index-of() in terms of fn:index-where()

QT4CG-003-05: MK to consider how fn:array-filter() could be generalized to handle array predicates on the index as well as the value.

Questions about the QT4 CG agenda for next week (4 October)

Statically known function signatures versus Named Functions

Streamlining the approval of PRs

Variadiic functions

Web page improvements

Workflows deployed

xsl:function with optional parameters

XSLT 4.0 (QT4CG) Meeting Agenda, 2022-09-06

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