Functions to be included in the list for discussion in our future weekly meetings

I would like to see these discussed:

   - map:with-default()  (initially proposed by Michael Kay in
   - fn:ranks(), from

WRT our dependency sorting, can we discuss with high priority and
approve the XPath 4.0 variadic functions, so that immediately after that we
could typically describe not N overloads of a proposed function, but just a
single signature containing keyword arguments with defaults?

Also, some of the functions to be discussed that are included in the
current list/checklist, depend on using a compare() function / strategy.
This makes all of them dependent on having first discussed and approved
fn:deep-equal(options). Therefore, could we move  fn:deep-equal(options)
considerably higher in the list, so that it precedes all such functions
that are dependent on a compare() function/strategy?


Received on Sunday, 25 September 2022 03:47:44 UTC