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[closed] Re: Bugs in example files

[closed] Re: Is a conformant processor supposed to raise xml:id or xml:base error if any ?

[closed] Re: p:add-xml-base

[closed] Re: Scope of step names

[closed] Re: viewport

adding namespaces for added attributes

Addition for Serialization & Namespace Fixup

Another wack at testing

attribute types again

Behaviour of in scope namespaces with respect to the content of ignore-prefixes attribute

Bugs in example files

Call for Exclusions: "XProc: An XML Pipeline Language"

Custom Steps and Namespace Fixup

DST time change warning

Editorial comments on Last Call Draft

First glance at the LC draft

Ignorable namespaces

Is a conformant processor supposed to raise xml:id or xml:base error if any ?

label-elements proposal

Last call comments tracking

Last Call Draft

multiple subpipelines : how to count the number of outputs ?

Namespace Fixup Proposal

New draft

New draft: 5 Sep 2007

New new draft, 5 Sep 2007, with p:pack


p:label-elements builtin

pipeline library

Proposal for Additions for Namespace Fixup

Publication Request: XProc on 20 Sep 2007

Requiring http/https

Scope of step names

Scope of step types

Speaking of in-scope namespaces...

Terminology remark

test. ignore this. sorry. eom.

The test suite

Towards a consensus draft (urgent)

towards consensus on fixup, part 1

towards consensus on fixup, part 2

Unserializable documents

Updated draft (another try at consensus)


W3C:Hotel deadline for TPAC2007 fast approaching: 3 October

Wrapping of nodes into a document

XProc Agenda 13 Sep 2007

XProc Agenda 27 Sep 2007

XProc Agenda 6 Sep 2007

XProc dependencies

XProc Minutes 13 Sep 2007

XProc Minutes 27 Sep 2007

XProc Minutes 6 Sep 2007

XProc Test Results

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