Towards a consensus draft (urgent)

Dear Working Group,

With my chair's hat on, while I don't think we've acheived unanimity
about how to deal with the issue of namespace fixup, I get the
impression that the sort of global changes that Henry and others have
proposed (a) do address the issue, which is our burden for proceeding
to Last Call, and (b) may be accepted as consensus.

I have produced a new editorial draft[1] with diffs[2] from the 6 Sep
editorial draft, which incorporates the changes as I understood them
(with my editor's hat on :-) I have also taken the liberty of
incorporating the suggestions made for the p:label-elements step in a
way that I think will be accepted as consensus.

Please review the latest editor's draft (or at least sections 2.2 and
the new 2.6.1, as well as p:label-elements) and *if you do not believe
that we can go to Last Call with this draft* please *comment in email*
as soon as possible.

                                        Be seeing you,


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Received on Monday, 10 September 2007 15:01:25 UTC