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On 9/4/07, Henry S. Thompson <> wrote:
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> Alex Milowski writes:
> > We need to deleted dynamic error XC0021.
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> > We can't require https because some implementations may not support
> > encryption but we shouldn't require it to be http/https if an implementation
> > can support another scheme (e.g. a GET request on a "file" scheme).
> Hmm.  I agree we should make https support implementation-defined, but
> I'm not sure about allowing 'file'. . .  All the options and so
> much of the syntax of c:http-request and c:http-response is geared to
> managing headers and encoding and so on.  What's the use case that
> p:load doesn't address?

In some cases you might get the URI from a relative like against the
base URI of the document.  That URI may be of a different scheme than
"http" or "https".  If the implementation can support the scheme and
the method, it should do so.

There may also be other variants and non-standard protocols used
in certain application environments that shouldn't be excluded.  For example,
I have a scheme I use to tunnel HTTP request of XMPP.

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