Another wack at testing

The test suite I published before was a hack. Using directories to
organize inputs and such just doesn't scale. So this afternoon I spent
some time crafting a "test suite vocabulary"[1] and rolling out a new
test suite site[2].

I'll add the ability to upload tests to that site at some point (as
soon as I can) and run some checking on tests. I'm not sure I can host
actually running the tests there, but with a little cleverness maybe I
can make them run on the box in my closet.

But first I'm going to tweak my implementation so I can *run* those
tests. :-)

Comments, etc., most welcome.

                                        Be seeing you,

P.S. Credit where it's due: Jim Fuller and I exchanged some off-line
correspondence about testing (he and I had chatted about XProc testing
at XML Prague) and he gave me some good ideas for the test suite


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