Re: label-elements proposal

/ Alex Milowski <> was heard to say:
| Based on what I've heard so far, here is the most inclusive proposal:
|  * We add an option called "scheme" that defaults to "integer".  All other
|    values are implementation defined.  A minimally conforming implementation
|    must support "integer".
| * For the "integer" scheme, numbering starts at 1 and increases by one
|    every element regardless of whether the attribute is set on the element.
| * There is no uniqueness constraint.
| * We add an option called "replace" that takes a boolean value.  A true
|    value means the attribute value is replaced if the attribute already
|    exists on the element.  The default value is "false".
| I actually really like Murray's suggestion of the "scheme" option because that
| lets me add a "UUID" scheme and generate unique labels across documents.  I'd
| be quite happy if we added a "UUID" scheme as an optional scheme in our
| specification.

That works for me, any objections?

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