Re: Unserializable documents

/ (Henry S. Thompson) was heard to say:
| Norman Walsh writes:
|> I suggest we replace the first paragraph of 2.2 with:
| I'm happy with these words, but I think we need to add a bit more in
| two respects:

Yep, makes sense.

| 1) Put an obligation on implementations to document -- somthing along
| the lines of
|  Except for cases which are specifically called out in [section 7],
|  the extent to which namespace fixup and checks for outputs which
|  cannot be serialized into well-formed XML documents are performed on
|  intermediate outputs is *implementation-defined*.
| 2) Clarify that serialization *must* produce well-formed documents.
| Somewhere, possibly in 2.2, we need to say something along the lines
| of
|   Whenever an implementation serializes pipeline contents, for example
|   for pipeline outputs, or as part of steps such as p:store or
|   p:http-request, it is a *dynamic error* if that serialization cannot
|   be done so as to produce a well-formed XML document.

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