Re: XProc Minutes 27 Sep 2007

At 12:08 PM 9/27/2007 -0400, Norman Walsh wrote:
>   Review of XSLT streaming specifications
>    Mohamed: It's the requirements document that's ready for review.
>    Murray will take a look.

Ok, I took a quick look at

         Requirements and Use Cases for Streaming XML Transformations
         Version 2007.09.25
         Internal Working Draft


It is a very thorough document. Not being an implementor, I am not qualified
to determine whether it is complete vis a vis XProc processing considerations.
I would think that we want Norm, Alex and Richard, at a minimum, to review
this document and provide feedback to the XSL WG about both "Scenarios"
and "Tasks", based upon our own discoveries over the course of the XProc WG.



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