Re: Scope of step names


<step name="A">
  <step name="inside">...</step>
<step name="B">
  <step name="inside">...</step>

is allowed by the current spec, not with your change, IMHO


On 9/20/07, Richard Tobin <> wrote:
> Section 3.2 says:
>   The scope of the names of the steps themselves is determined by the
>   environment of each step. In general, the name of a step, the names of
>   its sibling steps, the names of any steps that it contains directly,
>   the names of its ancestors, and the names of its ancestor's siblings
>   are all in the same scope. All the named steps in the same scope must
>   have unique names: it is a static error (err:XS0002) if two steps with
>   the same name appear in the same scope.
> Does this amount to anything different from "the scope of a step name
> is the pipeline in which it appears"?
> -- Richard

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