Re: Unserializable documents

On 9/4/07, Norman Walsh <> wrote:
>   Some steps can produce XML documents which have no direct
>   serialization (because they produce nodes with conflicting or
>   missing namespace declarations, for example). Implementors are
>   encouraged to perform namespace fixup and other necessary
>   adjustments before passing documents between steps, but they are not
>   required to do so. Conversely, an implementation which /does/
>   serialize betweens steps and therefore must perform such fixups or
>   reject documents that cannot be serialized, is also conformant.
> Does that work for anyone?

The way I read this, this implies that an implementation is fine using
SAX (or SAX++ to handle sequences) between components, without adding
a whole lot of necessary processing of those SAX events between steps.
So this is good.

But shouldn't we specify what we mean by "namespace fixup" (maybe a
reference to the XSLT specification?) and "other necessary

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