Re: Towards a consensus draft (urgent)

/ Murray Maloney <> was heard to say:
| At 01:14 PM 9/10/2007 -0700, Alex Milowski wrote:
|>On 9/10/07, Norman Walsh <> wrote:
|> > I don't believe there was working group consensus to require that all
|> > steps produce only fixed up documents. I think it would be better if
|> > there had been, but there wasn't.
|>Obviously, I agree.  Anyone else?
| I agree.
| Although, if pressed, I might say that top-level steps had to produce
| WF and namespace-fixed documents. This might allow nested steps
| to mess things up so long as the outer step's output is clean.

With respect, I think that just makes the problem more complicated.
Let's have a simple black-and-white answer: either the p:xyzzy step is
required to produce namespace well-formed output or it isn't.

Saying that it can produce synthetic infosets that require namespace
fixup if it's a child of p:viewport but not if it's a child of
p:pipeline doesn't help (IMHO).

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