Re: Scope of step names

> <step name="A">
>   <step name="inside">...</step>
> </step>
> <step name="B">
>   <step name="inside">...</step>
> </step>
> is allowed by the current spec, not with your change, IMHO

Ok, I was misinterpreting the wording:

> >   The scope of the names of the steps themselves is determined by the
> >   environment of each step. In general, the name of a step, the names of
> >   its sibling steps, the names of any steps that it contains directly,
> >   the names of its ancestors, and the names of its ancestor's siblings
> >   are all in the same scope.

My interpretation was: the first inside is in the same scope as A, the
second is in the same scope as B, and A and B are in the same scope,
so by transitivity the two insides are in the same scope.  I suggest
changing "in the same scope" to "in a common scope".

-- Richard

Received on Thursday, 20 September 2007 16:11:39 UTC