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[whatwg] <picture> added to HTML

[whatwg] `brand-color` meta extension

[whatwg] Bogus comment state and CDATA section state do not stylistically fit in the tokenizer

[whatwg] brand-color meta extension

[whatwg] Bridging between W3C && EMCAScript

[whatwg] BroadcastChannel memory leak

[whatwg] Canvas' 2D context + WebGL = 3D context(make for a simple more high level API

[whatwg] Fetch API: asHTML

[whatwg] Fetch API: HTTP Stream

[whatwg] Fetch: asFormData()

[whatwg] Fetch: use separate methods instead of one `to` method in FetchBodyStream

[whatwg] Handling of redirect responses to non-simple CORS requests

[whatwg] High-density canvases

[whatwg] Missing HTMLSelectElement.autocomplete

[whatwg] Proposal: defining script as <link rel="script" href="actualwaytoscript">

[whatwg] Proposal: Inline pronounce element

[whatwg] Proposal: Inline pronounce element (Tab Atkins Jr.)

[whatwg] Proposal: Specify SHA512 hash of JavaScript files in <script> tag

[whatwg] Proposal: toDataURL “image/png” compression control

[whatwg] Redraft: This is a proposal for the CanvasRenderingContext2D

[whatwg] Select and Checkbox list

[whatwg] Sending page generation timing information, was: HTTP status code from JavaScript

[whatwg] Stricter data URL policy

[whatwg] SVG cloning elements from HTML5

[whatwg] This is a proposal for the CanvasRenderingContext2D

[whatwg] Update and info!

[whatwg] Updated index of all HTML elements

[whatwg] whatwg Digest, Vol 123, Issue 25

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